Think about this.......

A buyer buys one home from a builder. A Realtor helps many buyers buy a new home. If you run into a problem with the builder, will the builder "bend over backwards" to satisfy you and correct his mistakes? Probably not. After all, you are buying only one home. But if the buyer has a Realtor for an advocate, a Realtor that has sold several of the builders homes, the builder will not upset the Realtor's client for fear the Realtor will not bring more buyers.

Realtors know which builders are good and stand by their product. Realtors know which builders have bad reputations for shoddy work, not delivering the home on a timely basis, and which are financially unstable. An experienced Realtor knows the "soft spots" to negotiate for a better price and which options can be negotiated for free. And what about financing? Does the builder insist you use HIS mortgage company? Is the builder getting a "kick-back" from the mortgage company? Will the mortgage company give you a good faith estimate in writing and stand by it at time of closing?

Unfortunately, Louisiana has a lot of builders that are not out to please you, the buyer. Many of these builders come from out of the area and are here for the "quick money" in our growing economy. They are here today ---- gone tomorrow.